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Fishing is in our blood, in our hearts, and always on our minds, we think Fishing - 365.  On the creek, on the stream, on the river, on the lake, or on the ocean, if there's water we are all in. With over 25 years of experience in lure making, Our founder and Former FLW Angler Rick Steckelberg never stops creating works of art. Each bait is created by hand, from mold to construction, down to painting and adding tails, we do it all. And the products speak for themselves.  We are a lure company, we are a design company, we are a teaching company, but most of all we are a family. Since our first day in business, Southern Hook Lures has been offering our customers the very best products and services.  Our company is synonymous with quality and ingenuity. We ensure a continuous variety of fantastic fish catchers.

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