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The Bite Size Herring   is a new and more detailed version of the old favorite swimbait. Designed by Rick Steckelberg, inventor of The Original Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin and holder of 5 US lure patents, this bait is made to catch fish. The results are astounding - the fish respond right away. Each Bite Sized Herring is a work-of-art, handmade, hand painted and hand-tuned one-by-one near Lake Lanier, Georgia.


This creation blends true craftsmanship  with the experience of a lifetime of catching fish, the Bite Size Herring is a double-jointed sinking swimbait with great s-shaped action. Designed with a profile that closely resembles a true herring, the Southern Hook Swimbait features a segmented construction with a large front head shape that tapers down toward the tail. The gill plate and pectorial fins and hand carved scales add exceptional detail. Each custom paint job mimics mother nature as best as possible. Between each joint of the Southern Hook Bite Sized Herring Swimbait, the segmented pieces have a grooved indention which allows for a wider range of movement, increased s-motion, and supports both fast and slow retrieve. 


Southern Hook recommends connecting your mainline directly to the line tie without the use of a split ring or snap to draw out the full potential of its smooth s-pattern. Ideal for fishing above a grass line or over submerged cover, the Southern Hook Bite Size Herring Swimbait is furnished with sticky sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks and superstrong stainless steel saltwater split rings so you can land every heart-stopping strike.

Bite Size Herring

  • Length : 6.5"

    Weight : 3/4 oz.

    Rod Type : Medium Heavy, 7'3", 7.01 Gear Speed

    Retrieve : Slow to Moderate

    Line : 15/20 lb flourocarbon


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