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Slim Herring

Slim is a totally new creation. Designed by Rick Steckelberg, inventor of The Original Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin and holder of 5 US lure patents, this dual action bait is made to catch fish. The results are astounding - the fish respond right away. Slim is a work-of-art, handmade, hand painted and hand-tuned one-by-one near Lake Lanier, Georgia.


Slim has a unique dual action... able to be fished like an ordinary swimbait or used like a soft plastic jerkbait. With small twitches it will dart or glide like a fluke. Watch the video to see Slim in action.

Slim Herring

  • Length : 6."

    Weight : 1/2 oz.

    Rod Type : Medium Heavy, 7'3", 7.01 Gear Speed

    Retrieve : Slow to Moderate

    Line : 15/20 lb flourocarbon

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