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                          Tec Head Swim Bait Jig Head

New for 2024 - Tec Head Swim Bait Jig Head from Southern Hook Lures. Tec heads are painted to match a wide variety of Keitec and other soft plastic swimbaits on the market. They come in three sizes. 1/4 oz with 2/0 hook - 3/8 oz with 2/0 hook or 3/0 hook - 1/2 oz with 3/0 or 4/0 hook sizes. All Tec Heads are proudly made in our shop in the USA. All Tec Heads come with premium Gamakatsu black nickle hooks and screw lock keepers to hold plastic in place. Tec heads are painted with premium pearl paints and chip proof clear coat to take a beating. Also comes with premium 3D holographic eyes. Tec heads come in Seven Fish catching colors : Threadfin Shad, Tennessee Shad, French Pearl Blue, Sexy Shad( Spot Remover), Albino, Pro Blue( Red Pearl), & Shad. Tech Heads are designed to be balanced for a variety of techniques including swim baits, fluke style, Demiki jigging applications as well as jig heads for A Rigs. Now tie one on and you can see why fish get Hooked On Southern Hook Lures Tec Heads!   Available in 1/4 oz( 3 pack), 3/8 ( 2 pack), 1/2 oz( 2 pack)

Tec Head - Swimbait Jig Head

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