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The Newest in the SHL Collection designed and handmade by Rick Steckelberg. Each bait is individually tank tested to ensure it runs as promised. This bait is one of the only jointless swimbaits on the market.  It's great for ponds, rivers, streams 

or lakes. Fickle is the perfect lure, it does it all!

Work it like a swimbait, fast for schooling fish or slow over points or laydowns and then with a  short jerks it acts like a soft plastic jerk bait.  Stop it and watch it fall perfectly horizontal with a tight realistic shimmy. If you see fish schooling, cast out and begin reeling quickly as it hits the water to keep the Fickle on top, making it you new favorite top water bait. This action mimics a fleeing herring. 


The Fickle will allow you to quickly change your fishing style to adapt as needed without switching rods or lures. You need this on the deck of your boat! Order today before they are gone.


SKU: 21554345656
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